The growing importance of the human-animal bond has been a positive development for companion animal practice – as family members, pets get better everything, including medical care. They also get to take vacations with their human families much more often than in the past and, frequently, that means that they’ll get to travel through an … Continue reading Jet Setting Pets: What Should Be the Practice’s Role in Overseas Travel?

Do you track referral sources? No, I’m not talking about measuring which veterinarians send you cases for your particular professional specialty. Instead, I’m speaking of that often overlooked field that hopefully resides on your new client form indicating to you where the pet owner first heard about your practice. For many practice owners, the inclusion … Continue reading Referral Sources: The Best KPI for Your New Client Marketing Efforts

It’s long past time for the profession to embrace the fact that veterinary medicine isn’t just a personal calling – it’s a business, too. Businesses don’t survive on just enthusiasm – the imperative of paying rent, staff and suppliers demands a more, well, business-like approach to practice. Success in veterinary practice requires owners who pay … Continue reading Medicine or marketing – no longer a choice for DVMs

If you’ve been to a meeting lately you know that veterinary medicine is focused on leadership these days. From the AVMA’s Veterinary Leadership Conference to the Penn-Wharton leadership program to the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative, we’re all pursing future leaders for the profession. As the Boomers – that hyper-committed and mostly male cohort – … Continue reading The importance of leadership with a small “L”

If you’ve owned a veterinary practice long enough, you’ve surely come across (formerly known as This is the online service with a massive directory of practices online. They spend heavily on commonly-searched keywords and terms, attempting to direct pet owners to their directory. If you participate in the directory, you could appear when … Continue reading AKA – Friend or Foe to the Practice Owner?

Whether you’re a recent graduate yourself – or just their employer – you know that newly minted veterinarians emerge into the world with debt problems. Just how big a problem, and how much worse it’s getting, is easy to see from this chart, using private practice incomes only. It’s even worse if you factor in … Continue reading Strategies for Thriving – Even with Student Debt

February and its ever-present focus on dentistry is now behind us and for many practices this means that appointments for such procedures will diminish considerably for the next eleven months. Given that the prevalence of dental disease is not a seasonal phenomenon, we recently conducted an extensive analytics project of our partner practices to understand … Continue reading Driving Dental Compliance After Dental Health Month in One Simple Step

This one-day workshop, led by the senior management team from Veterinary Practice Partners, provides you with practical, easy-to-implement tools and strategies for profitably growing your veterinary practice. Upcoming Workshops:   Atlanta, GA: June 13, 2017 Arlington, TX: June 21, 2017 New York, NY: September 12, 2017 Chicago, IL: September 14, 2017 About the Workshops: Time: … Continue reading Workshop: Fundamentals of Profitable Care and Growing a Patient Base

We speak with many practice owners, all of whom have unique professional goals.  While our initial conversations are primarily focused on understanding the practice and the issues that matter most to the owner, or owners, inevitably, the conversation turns to financial statements. These discussions concentrate on revenue and profitability, yet quickly shift to our thoughts … Continue reading The Pitfalls of Using Industry Benchmarks

Art and Science Pay attention to that conjunction; clinical veterinary practice is both of these things. I’ll admit it up front, experts can, at times, make intuitive leaps that bring the best algorithms to their knees. However, the concept of ‘best practice’ isn’t based on flashy, yet rare, pyrotechnics, but rather on delivering reliable, high-quality … Continue reading The Art and Science of Medicine

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