There are a few things that we’re very passionate about here at Veterinary Practice Partners. Our office candy bowl, snuggle time with our office dogs, and our practices’ reminder postcards… to name a few. We hope by now we don’t need to tell you the importance of your reminder protocol in terms of driving revenue. … Continue reading This popular recommendation could mean alienating 75% or more of your client base…

What’s the best age age to start the next phase of your career in veterinary medicine, becoming a practice owner? Maybe it’s the age you are now. When we think of effective entrepreneurs we tend to think of youth: casually dressed and nerdy technology types – like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg – … Continue reading Not too long in the tooth: Practice ownership & age

The Trump Organization may be the family business that garners the most attention in the news these days, but it’s not the one we’ll focus on here. I’ve always been struck by the number of families in the veterinary profession: practices that include parents, uncles or aunts, siblings or cousins in their management or ownership … Continue reading Communication, Estate Planning, & Legacy: Managing the Complicated Dynamics of Owning a Family Business

No matter how foolproof your reminder system, or how wonderful your client experience, there will always be those clients who mysteriously stop booking appointments. They languish in your reminder process before dropping off into the depths of your PM system. But don’t be too hasty in writing these clients off for good. There are a … Continue reading How to increase your reminder compliance rate in 2 simple steps

This week Veterinary Practice Partners partnered with our 50th hospital. 50 is something to be acknowledged and even celebrated, but it is, after all, just a number. As I reflect on our 50 hospitals, some other numbers spring to mind that we at VPP are quite proud of: Today, we have 51 DVM co-owners of … Continue reading Reflecting on 50 Partnerships

Section 3: How we suggest you use it This is the final post in our Practice Edge series about Yelp in which we explore how we suggest you utilize Yelp to benefit your practice. You should definitely check out our 2 other posts: Why Yelp is a necessary evil How it works We know the … Continue reading Why Yelp is a necessary Evil pt. 3: How we suggest you use it

Section 2: The 3 things you should know about the inner workings of Yelp’s platform So, how does Yelp work anyway? You’ve got this listing, and maybe you have a few reviews, but you’re not really sure what you’re even supposed to be doing with it. All you know is that Yelp calls you once … Continue reading Why Yelp is a necessary evil pt. 2: How it works

Yelp doesn’t have to be a 4 letter word: Why Yelp is a necessary evil and how to embrace it Ask any small business owner their feelings on Yelp and you will likely be on the receiving end of some impassioned and largely negative opinions. In fact, many of the practice owners and managers we’ve talked … Continue reading Why Yelp is a Necessary Evil

As we partner with practices across the country, we’ve noticed significant deviations in the way employees are compensated depending on many factors. We’ve also noticed some “unorthodox” compensation solutions, including a new trend toward offering student loan repayment programs. In this post, we’ll try to unpack what all these different options mean, how to understand … Continue reading Student Loan Re-payment Programs: What’s the Catch?

Like everyone else in the veterinary market today, we’ve struggled with the challenges of hiring the people we need, especially doctors, to provide the services our patients demand. We generally have a pretty good understanding of what’s happening in clinical practice from our own experience, managing our 46 partner practices. However, we like to look … Continue reading Conquering a Tough Job Market

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